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1A The Sound of the Silents 1

Jane Marie Gaines
Eurhythmy or the Sound of an Arabesque? The Musicality of Gesture and Bodily Expression in Germaine Dulac’s Early Silent Films
Tami Michelle Williams
Music and Images in the Cinema of Elvira Notari
Kim Tomadjoglou
Screen Actresses and the Stanislavskij System of Acting in Russian Cinema of the 1910s
Lauri Piispa

1B Cinephilia

Women's Cinephilia and the Reframing of Female Subjectivity in Film
Rosanna Maule
Exit Flapper, or Lois Weber’s Critique of Jazz Age Hollywood
Shelley Stamp
"Opportunities for Women": British Film Publicists
Nathalie Morris
“The Feminine Touch”: Elsie Codd and Transnational Film Journalism
Clare Watson
A Female Touch or a Role Model? Dutch Filmcritic Elisabeth de Roos and the International Film Avant Garde
Anna van Beusekom
The Smartest Spectator: Angelina Buracci and the Italian Cinema of the 1910s
Luca Mazzei

1C Case Studies in Gender Film Criticism

Re-Reading the Codes: The Queer History of the Serial-Queen
Theresa L. Geller
Lois Weber’s Uneasy Progressive Politics: The Articulation of Class and Gender in Where Are My Children?
Veronica Pravadelli
“A Most Charming Boy”: The Appeal of the Female Boy in US Silent Film
Laura Evelyn Horak
"Who Dressed A.B. Like a Girl?" Leatrice Joy's Performances of Gender in "The Clinging Vine" (1926)
Johanna Schmertz
Silent Leading Women: Female Agency and the Construction of Masculinity in Lois Weber's *The Blot*
Meryl Shriver-Rice

2A Movie Fan Scrapbooks: New Resources for Writing Women's Cinema History

Edna Vercoe’s Scrapbook "Romance with the Movies" (1914-1915)
Richard Abel
Who Is This Fan? Fandom and Fan Identity As Seen Through the Works of a Lil Dagover and Henny Porten Fan
Maj Eimers
Scrapbook as Public Sphere: The Women's Club Year in Review
Jennifer Horne
Movies in the Lives of American Girls: Interrogating the Evidence Found in High School Memory Books
Leslie DeBauche

2B Screenwriters

Behind the Typewriter: The Role of Women in the Development of the Screenwriting Profession
Maria Fosheim Lund, Livia Bloom, Daniela Bajar
Mary Pickford as Written by Frances Marion
Claus Tieber
Woman, Wife, Screenwriter: Renée de Liot and the Screenplay in the Silent Era
Micaela Veronesi
Masochism in/and Italian Diva Films
Valeria Festinese
Marie Epstein as a Scenarist: A Case Study
Chiara Tognolotti
Sickness Becomes Woman: Diva and Love-Sick
Elena Ezechielli

2C Stardom and Masochism

“From Boudoir to Street”: Naturalism and the Suffering Female in International Silent Cinema
Robert L. Singer
Starlets to Secretaries: the Suicide Gesture in the Silent Era
Kerry L McElroy

3A Women of Chinese Cinema

Voiceless Smiles and the Limits of Gesture in Shanghai Silent Film
Menghsin Cindy Horng
Pearl White and the New Female Image in Chinese Silent Cinema
Xiqing Qin
Ruan Lingyu: Star of Chinese Cinema
Cristina Colet
Ambivalence of the Camera: The Representation of the Female Body and Identity in Chinese Silent Cinema of the 1930s
Funing Tang

3B The Sound of the Silents 2

Bruised and Confused: Helen Morgan on Stage on Screen
Amy Lawrence
Metropolitan Women: Geraldine Farrar and Marion Talley Silence Opera on Screen
Jennifer Fleeger
Feminine Stars and the Cultural Heritage of the Opera in Early Italian Cinema
Elena Mosconi
The Italian Tradition of 'bel canto' in Early International Cinema
Victoria Duckett

3C Not Just Divas 1

Elenonora Duse, Grazia Deledda and Friends: A Feminine Collaboration in the Country of Melodrama
Elena Dagrada
Women, Bullfighters and Identity in Spanish Silent Cinema: Musidora (1889-1957)
María A. Camí-Vela
A Studio of Her Own: Women Producers at First National, 1918 - 1928
Hugh Munro Neely
Nazimova’s Salomè: Silent Monument
Dolores Christine McElroy

4A New Women and the Modern

Lighting Garbo: Modern Photography and the New Woman
Patrick Keating
Distant Dreams – Flapper movies and Finnish Film Culture
Jaakko Seppälä
The Reinvention of the Cosmopolitan Heroine: Dimitri Buchowetski's Contribution to Swedish Silent Cinema
Jan Olsson

4B Filming Ethnic Difference

The Commercial Value of Indo and Afro-Colombian Bodies: Romelli’s Gold Platinum (1937)
Isabel Arredondo
The Black Female Body from Silence to Sound in Race Films
Nina Cartier
Native and Narration: Josephine Baker and the Cinema of Métissage
Katherine Groo

4C Stardom and Fashion

Fading Stars and the Ruined Commodity Form: Star Discourses of Loss in Fan Magazines, 1914-1929
Mary R. Desjardins
If It Works For Mary...: Advice from America's Sweetheart
Anke Brouwers
The German Diva Brigitte Helm as a Fashion Icon of the 1920s
Mila Ganeva

5C Not Just Divas 2

Carmen Santos and the Starlight
Ana Maria Pessoa dos Santos
Alexander Khanzhonkov and his Queens of the Screen
Michele Leigh Torre
Rediscovering Bianca Virginia Camagni
Emiliana Losma

5A Professions 1

Looking at Herself: Cinema as Dream Screen – Le Mystère des Roches de Kador
Astrid Söderbergh Widding
"She Has a Sense of Humour": Alva Lundin’s Art-Titles in Mauritz Stiller's *Erotikon*
Sofia Bull
Little Girls in Empire Dresses: The Influence from Women Children’s Book Illustrators on Early Art Titles
Tom Paulus, Vito Adriaensens
Colouring the Figures. A First Survey on the Relations Between Working Women and Hand Colouring in Italy
Federico Pierotti

5B Acting as Creation

“More woman than a woman” : Oyama’s Femininity and Actress’s modernization in 1910s Japanese film
Sawako Ogawa
Sources and Creation in Francesca Bertini’s Acting
Nancy Irela Nuñez
Homage to the Female Creator: Maria Gasparini and _La ribalta_ (1913)
Stella Dagna

6A Creating and Critiquing Hollywood's New Women

School of Scandal: Alice Duer Miller, Scandal, and the New Woman
Anne Morey
"Not Even a Word of Farewell - Only a Smile”: Melancholic Endings and Wistful Musings on the Demise of Mabel Normand and the New Woman
Vicki Callahan
Re-reading Hollywood's First Sexual Scandal: Virginia Rappe, New Western Women, and the Bohemian Movie Colony
Hilary Anne Hallett

6B Studies in National Cinemas

How to Research the Exception. The Power of the Unknown, Women and the Spanish Silent Cinema
Begoña Soto Vázquez
Women and Nationalism in Indigenous Irish Filmmaking of the Silent Period
Donna R. Casella
Three Women Pioneers of Egyptian Cinema
Ouissal Mejri
Moviegoing in São Paulo in the 1920s
Sheila Schvarzman

6C Analyzing and Theorizing Films

Our Delinquent Daughters: Reforming Adolescence in Cecil B. DeMille’s *The Godless Girl* and G. W. Pabst’s *Diary of a Lost Girl*
April Miller
Freud, Marx, and *Fräulein Else*: The Psyche, the Social, and the Problem of Unrepresentability
Althea Wasow

7B Excentric Bodies

Silent Comediennes and "The Tragedy of Being Funny"
Kristen Anderson Wagner
However Odd: Elsa Lanchester
Amy Sargeant
A Lass and A Lack: Women and Comedy in British Silent Cinema
Laraine Dawn Porter
Lea Giunchi: The Story of a Lost Comical Body
Marzia Ruta

7A Asta Nielsen

The Emergence of the Star System in Germany, 1911: Asta Nielsen, Monopolfilm, Audience Attraction, and Investment
Martin Loiperdinger
Asta Nielsen’s (Re-)turn to the Stage in the 1920’s: A Paradox or a Consistent Choice?
Annette Forster
“Drawn Across the Sea”: Asta Nielsen in America, 1912-1914
Jennifer M. Bean

7C Professions 2

Living Out Loud: From Silent Cinema to Baltimore Punk Rock An Oral History of Alice Stringer (1912-1999)
Kerrie (Carolyn) Welsh
Fade In: Rediscovering Katharine Hilliker Through Choices in Historical and Digital Research
Bethany Czerny
Riding Horses and Writing Scripts
Viktoria Paranyuk

8A Socio-political Issues

Women, Prisons, and the Silent Screen
Alison Margaret Griffiths
In the Family Way: Early Female Stars and Parenthood
Tricia Welsch
Alice Guy-Blaché, Rose Pastor Stokes, and the Birth-Control Film That Never Was
Martin F. Norden
Women on Strike: The Figure of the Suffragette in Silent Comedies
Madeleine Bernstorff
The Image of an Old Revolutionary in Soviet Propaganda: Vera Figner and the Women's Liberation Movement in "The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty"
Dunja Dogo

8B Representations

Sirens: Female Images and Roles in Neapolitan Cinema
Lucia Di Girolamo
Female and Formal Ambiguity in the Serial Queen Melodrama: Fatal Testcase for Feminist Film Theory?
Jana Ostyn
Movie Prologues: Cinema, Theatre and Female Types on Stage at Rio de Janeiro Cinelândia
Luciana Correa de Araujo
Cabiria’s Masters and Slaves: Race, Libidinal Investment and the New Roman Empire
Shelleen Greene
Rescue Me: An Analysis of the "Damsel in Distress" in Early Pirate Films
Lynne Elizabeth Bond

8C Problems in Historiography

Griffith’s female underlings or independent achievers?
David Mayer
Alice Guy and the Transition from Kine-Attractography to Institutional Cinema: The Example of "The Birth, the Life and the Death of Christ".
Philippe Gauthier, André Gaudreault
The History that Will Be: Lesbian Cinematic Representation Before Cinema
Susan Potter
Leni Riefenstahl's "The Blue Light" and the Politics of Hyper-Visibility
Margaret Hennefeld
Her Reputation Precedes Her, or The Impossible Films of Vera, Countess of Cathcart
Mark Lynn Anderson

Plenary Session

Amateur Filmmaking Amidst the Institutions, the Case of Claudia Lea Phelps
Mark Garrett Cooper
The Lady Vanishes – on the Archive Drive for a Feminist Ethnic Cinema
Yiman Wang
The Historiography of Early African-American Filmmakers
Aimee Dixon
The Archive Gone Viral
Kay Armatage
Multiple Sources for Women’s Film History
Giuliana Muscio
Reframing Women in British Cinema Culture in 1910s and 1920s: Issues and Problems
Christine Gledhill