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"She Has a Sense of Humour": Alva Lundin’s Art-Titles in Mauritz Stiller's *Erotikon*
Sofia Bull

Last modified: 2010-05-28


This paper is an attempt to extend my research on the female film pioneer Alva Lundin, the leading title designer of the Swedish film industry from 1920 and onwards. I have so far un-covered biographical information about Lundin and tried to contextualize her career as one of very few female artists in Sweden actually making a living of her skills. To fully rediscover Lundin as an interesting artistic force within the Swedish film industry, a more detailed examination of her art-titles is necessary. By close analysis of the aesthetics and narrative functions of her art-titles, I wish to further discuss Lundin’s authorship. This might prove problematic since little record exists of Lundin’s work process. It is thus unclear to what extent she collaborated with the male directors of the films and what illustrations were based on her own creative decisions. However, since the role of the art-titles has often been largely forgotten by previous academic studies I still think a more detailed analysis is important. This paper will focus on the art-titles in Mauriz Stiller’s film Erotikon from 1920, for which Alva Lundin first became known to the Swedish public. Erotikon is a comedy dealing with a number of issues relating to modernity and the New Woman; particularly erotic freedom and consumer culture. Its art-titles received plenty of positive attention from the film press and several articles particularly highlighted the fact that these elegant, witty and playful titles was made by a woman.



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