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Women, Bullfighters and Identity in Spanish Silent Cinema: Musidora (1889-1957)
María A. Camí-Vela

Last modified: 2010-05-28


Since the birth of Cinema, the national Spanish tradition of bullfighting has attracted film directors from around the world. Between 1896-1898, Promio and the Lumière brothers were the first filmmakers to document brief scenes about the world of bulls and bullfighters: Arrivée des Toreadors, Espagne, Courses de Taureux and Courses de Taureaux. In 1922, Henry Vorins shot the fictional films Militona o la tragedia de un torero and Pedrucho, both Catalan productions of Principal Films. But the most interesting director in silent cinema who chose the world of bullfighters as the background for a dramatic love story is the French female writer, actor, and filmmaker Jeanne Roques, known by the artistic name of Musidora. Musidora directed eleven films, four of them in Spain: Para Don Carlos (1919), Una aventura de Musidora en España (1922), Sol y Sombra (with Jacques Lasseyne, 1922) and Tierra de toros (1924). This essay will study the film work of Musidora, the first female director in Spain.

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