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Fade In: Rediscovering Katharine Hilliker Through Choices in Historical and Digital Research
Bethany Czerny

Last modified: 2010-05-12


This paper began with a single document, a work application filled out by an early film editor and titler Katherine Hilliker.  It was used as a point of departure for my research, but the final product includes previously unpublished findings on Katherine Hilliker and explores the choices made in our telling, recording, researching and archiving of histories. 

Early on in my work I found there was little information compiled on Hilliker.  The articles and books that included information on her tended to be limited in their scope and contained much of the same details- a result of their bibliographies using similar sources. Their research used paper collections and other published articles thus recycling information, my research was primarily done online.  With the internet, digitization and uploading of archives and newspapers my research was provided new and diverse sources now readily available to be collected.  I have found information on Hilliker previously untapped and potentially unpublished including her early life history prior to entering the film industry as well as films she worked on but, thus far, has not been credited for.  I have used online sources including uploaded digitized books, newspapers, obituaries, and images.  My research and findings are then framed in a larger structure of the choices that are made by researchers, archivists, and history itself.  These choices can alter the telling of a history, for example the choices fueled by the desires and interest of the researcher, what society collects and preserves, and the very current issue of that which we are choosing to digitize and put online today. 

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